FM March 26: ‘Desert Lullabies’, Latina writing & what Mystique?

Hosted by Sammy Lyon and Lauren McQuade :
How can a magical desert fairytale heal the traumatic effects of war on children? We hear from Monely Soltani, director of the upcoming film, Desert Lullabies, set in war-torn Iran.
Then, Local author and blogger Thelma Reyna has launched a twelve month project to honor key Latina novelists. She tells us what their influence has been and why they matter.
And … what don’t we know about Betty Friedan, 50 years after the publication of her book ‘The Feminine Mystique?’  What shaped our mothers & grandmothers realities? And what were the mistakes of the women’s movement in relation to working class and women of color? Stephanie Coontz – author of a ‘A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s’ – joins us to give us some answers…
(Interviews by co-hosts Ariana Manov and Celina Alvarez)
THIS is what feminism sounds like!



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