Nov 6 on FM: Stay Calm & Get Inspired! What Should We Be Working On After Election Day?

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Ariana Manov :
Coming up on Feminist Magazine, it’s our November 6th super- special.  Better than biting your nails awaiting election results, we’re inviting YOU onto the KPFK airwaves to tell us about how you’re getting through today –and beyond tomorrow –no matter who and what wins.
Sheila Kuehl joins us to draw on her four plus decades as a political activist, particularly in the women’s and the LGBT communities. She’s a former California State Senator, and a very current public servant with the Public Policy Institute at Santa Monica College, Planned Parenthood, and more.  She’ll kick off our discussion with her far-ranging feminist analysis. Then we have Riane Eisler –  social scientist and author (‘The Chalice and The Blade‘) – whose Voter Engagement Project via the Caring Economy Campaign has been challenging candidates in the election.  And playwright Sigrid Gilmer, whose play ‘Seed: A Weird Act of Faith’ just opened as part of Cornerstone Theatre’s Hunger Cycle. She talks about grassroots sustainability efforts (especially in South LA) to make healthy foods accessible and the transformative power of community-based arts to open minds and create political change.
They’ll all focus on parallel realities to all the election drama and offer some larger future visions, AND we’ll open the phones for your questions and comments at (818) 985-5735.
Or send us your questions via our Facebook page or Twitter! Get ready to be a part of really relevant public radio.
That’s Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 PST. THIS is what feminism sounds like!



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