Aug 28 on FM: Panza Monologues, Family & same sex couples, Domestic workers rights

Hosted by Celina Alvarez and Ariana Manov :

It’s a Panza Girl manifesto! We hear from Chicana activist and playwright Virginia Grise, about how our panzas – or bellies – reveal our thoughts, lives, abuses and lived conditions.

And 18 year old Katherine ‘Tia’ Kearns talks about how her own story helped inspire her documentary film ‘A Family Like Mine‘.  She helps us to understand what ‘FAMILY’ means to her and other children of same sex couples she interviewed in her film.

Then, we’ve got some rare good news for women, community organizing, and labor laws. Aquilina Soriano, of the Pilipino Workers Center talks about the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Coalition’s grassroots victories in Sacramento and what still needs to be done to protect this work force made up primarily of women of color and/or immigrants who are exploited inside our own homes.

All this and more on Tuesday at 3pm on Feminist Magazine.

This is what Feminism Sounds Like!


L to R:  Katherine Kearns & her father; Panza Monologues; Aquilina Soriano


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