July 3 on FM: The Bully Society & Going Green…

Hosted by Ariana Manov & Lynn Harris Ballen : a YouTube video of a 68 year old bus monitor being verbally bullied makes international headlines and gets almost 10 million hits —  WTF? Here to explain what’s going on — beyond the obvious— is sociologist Dr. Jessie Klein. Her book “The Bully Society”  brings us an analysis of this behavior rooted in intersections of gender/race/class and patriarchy, super-fueled by capitalism. Does she have any solutions?
And we get an update on  how the SB1070 ‘papers please’ clause – upheld by the Supreme Court – will still impact undocumented women in Arizona.
Plus eco-activist and comedian Kristina Wong demonstrates how she’s learned to do cute, smart radio and tracks her journey from being an 11 year old environmental martyr to her current life of well-intentioned efforts in eco-living –which keep going awry.

And she’s bringing her performance piece “Going Green the Wong Way” live to our studio!

Tuesday, at 3 in the afternoon. This is what feminism sounds like!



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