July 24 on FM: Women getting educated: Birth, AIDS & the ERA

Hosted by Celina Alvarez & Lynn Harris Ballen : Isn’t it time to fight again for the Equal Rights Amendment? Students at Santa Monica College have put together a pilot program for high schools to inspire students to work to advance women’s equality. We hear all about it from Prof. Melanie Klein, student Zury Chavez, and Kamala Lopez – founder of the ‘ERA Education Project’

And just how does a rock n roll star become a doula AND a feminist breeder? We find out when we speak with rocker-chick-turned-mom, Gina Crosley-Corcoran.  Gina helps us understand the role of a doula and the privilege of that option. And shares with us why she is so passionate about the importance behind informed choices around birthing, breastfeeding, and mothering with a feminist perspective.

Plus Women and Girls Count! – news from the Los Angeles Women’s Collaborative on HIV/AIDS.

And our newest commentator, Feminist teacher Ileana Jimenez, joins us for some real talk about education.
All This And More on Tuesday at 3pm PST

This… Is What Feminism Sounds Like!



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