July 17 on FM: Women Under Siege, FeministFilm & ‘Crazy Brave’

Hosted by Ariana Manov & Lynn Harris Ballen : Women’s lives and their bodies have been the unacknowledged casualties of war for too long, but now Women Under Siege (a project of the Womens Media Center) is using new media tools – crowdmapping via youtube, online and twitter reports – to document sexualized violence in Syria and other conflict zones. We’re joined by Lauren Wolfe, Director of Women Under Siege, and Laura Bates of the Everyday Sexism Project, to explain the context and effects of rape as a weapon of war, the “cult of masculinity” that drives it, and an action plan for real interventions.

Internationally acclaimed Joy Harjo is “Crazy Brave”. We’re introducing her work as a poet, musician, performer and visionary from the Muskogee-Creek nations, and through her new memoir we witness a woman’s coming-of-age on the verge of the sexual revolution, the making of an activist-poet fiercely committed to Native American rights, and the evolution of a mother learning to fend for herself.
Her memoir is described by Erin Aubry Kaplan as “an unself-conscious mix of autobiography, spiritual rumination, cultural evaluation, history and political analysis told in simple but poetic prose.” And Joy reminds us that “Everyone is carrying a piece of the light. Sing it. Let it be poetry. Unwind in story. Dance. Be with it. Be it.”

And, our new commentator – Bitch Flicks editor Megan Kearns – debuts on our show with her first Feminist Films commentary!  Hear her take on Beasts of the Southern Wild, an allegory of Hurricane Katrina and The Invisible War, a harrowing documentary on rape in the military.

Tuesday afternoon at 3, with your hosts Lynn Harris Ballen and Ariana Manov –This is what feminism sounds like!



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