June 19 on FM: Young Feminists, is there an intensity gap?

Coming Up Tuesday at 3pm on Feminist Magazine, with hosts Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen … where ARE the young feminists and what are they up to? We’re joined by Nancy Keenan of NARAL Pro-Choice America talking about current reproductive health battles and her concern that young feminists have an ‘intensity gap’ in standing up for their rights.   And then The F-bomb blogger Julie Zeilinger gives us her take. We hear about her blog/community – created for teenage girls who care about their rights as women and want to be heard – and her new book A Little F’d Up: Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word
Plus activist & teacher Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs tells us about her community building and cross-generational work from a black feminist perspective.
All this and more on Feminist Magazine on KPFK, Tuesdays at 3.
THIS is what feminism sounds like!


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