May 9 on FM: Teach Safe Touch & ‘Who Does She Think She Is?’

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen & Monique Meza :

This week on Feminist Magazine we speak with Kaitlyn Kenealy and Kristal Gray, two young vibrant activists from Minnesota, who, along with four other women, started Teach Safe Touch. A project in its first stages advocating for the health and dignity of all young adults. Teach Safe Touch is challenging the current Minnesota sex education curriculum to include masturbation as a safe-sex alternative. Listen in to see how they got started and more!

And then, Academy Award winning filmmaker Pamela Tanner Boll gives us the answer to Who Does She Think She Is? …. that’s her documentary about five fierce women who refuse to choose between mothering and making their art.

THIS is what feminism sounds like !


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