April 4 on FM: Adrienne Rich & ‘A Thousand Sisters’

With hosts:  Lynn Harris Ballen, Monique Meza, Denise Zepeda and Celina Alvarez:

April is National Poetry Month – you knew that right? And we’re kicking it off with a special tribute to groundbreaking poet ADRIENNE RICH who passed away recently. We’re bringing you Historic audio of an interview with her from the Pacifica Radio Archives and rare clips of Adrienne reading her work.
Plus, local poet Eloise Klein Healy (who did that historic interview with Adrienne back in 1983) joins us now – for a look back at Adrienne’s work, and her importance as a feminist writer, inspiration and truth-teller.

And… How can watching one TV show impact your life forever? In another ‘Best of Feminist Magazine’ classic interview we hear from author Lisa Shannon telling us how her life changed from one day to the next with the click of her remote. In her memoir “A Thousand Sisters“,  Lisa takes us on a journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo  – sometimes called the “worst place on Earth to be a woman”.  Leaving her successful business, fiance and home behind, Lisa’s quest to bring awareness to this issue transformed her life and the many people whose path she crossed.   (To get involved visit: athousandsisters.com and runforcongowomen.org)

THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!

(L:Adrienne Rich; mid:A Thousand Sisters; R:Audre Lorde & Meridel Lesueur w/ Adrienne Rich)

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