March 15 on FM: History repeating itself?, War On Women & The Raincoats

This week Feminist Magazine is airing at a special time ~ Thursday March 15th at 3pm.

And we’re continuing our unique take on the theme of Women’s History Month – with guests who are making herstory right here & right now!

And speaking of history – you’re not alone if you feel like we’ve been going back in time – with all the recent attacks on women’s reproductive freedom – the legal battles around abortion, contraception and right to choose. We’ll be talking about women and their ability to navigate their own reproductive health and body autonomy with Chloe Angyal from, plus Laura Jimenez and Gabriela Valle from California Latinas for Reproductive Justice.

Plus we’ll cover some of the history and roots of women’s liberation in family planning for women. And get an on-the ground perspective on what’s going on right here in California.

And then … The Raincoats, one of the most famous all-female post punk bands. We speak to them on tour, with an exclusive backstage interview.  Plus hear clips from classic tracks!

All this and more with your hosts Monique Meza, Lynn Harris Ballen and Christene Kings. This is what Feminism sounds like!

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(left: CLRJ; center: Chloe Angyal; right: The Raincoats)


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