January 25 on FM: “waitressing”, anti-rape arts project, Suzanne Lacy

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Monique Meza & Susan Kraker

“HEY WAITRESS!” Documentarian Maya Gallus examines women, waitressing and the art of service in “Dish”. She serves up an illuminating INTERNATIONAL intersection of class, culture, sex and gender in the food service industry –with a profound understanding of the difference between service and servitude.

And we’ll open the phones for your take.  CALL IN 818-985-5735

Plus, international artist/educator/writer and public servant, the incomparable Suzanne Lacy wraps up a multi-faceted anti-rape project called “Three Weeks in January” right here in Los Angeles – part of Pacific Standard Time.

Wednesday night at 7 — This is what feminism sounds like.

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(left: Maya Gallus; center: Dish; right:  Suzanne Lacey)

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