January 11 on FM: Community Voices / Holding up Half the Sky

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen & Monique Meza :
This week on Feminist Magazine… What happens when community voices ARE heard?
We talk to Denise Bonitto and Antoniette Gomes – members of the organization ‘Community Voices Heard‘ – about how low-income women have come together to take things their own hands. Working to build power through addressing poverty, workforce and housing issues to create real-life sustainable communities in the New York area.

And yes, women do Hold Up Half the Sky! Inspired by the bestselling Nicholas Kristof /Sheryl WuDunn book, the Skirball Cultural Center right here in L.A. hosts a groundbreaking exhibition that’s a wake-up call to action. We’re joined by Mia Carino, Skirball Communications Director, and Vanessa Lanza, Director of Partnerships for CAST, the locally-based Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking – one of the community adviser groups who helped create the exhibit. Talking about how they put together an experience that aims to create more awareness of human rights oppressions & issues that affect women worldwide.

Wednesday night at 7 — this is what feminism will sound like!

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(left: Take Action ; center: Women Hold Up Half The Sky ; right: Community Voices Heard)

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