November 30 on FM: Feminism in the kaleidoscopic OCCUPY Movement

Hosted by Ariana Manov, Lynn Harris Ballen, Monique Meza

WHERE DOES FEMINISM FIT into the kaleidoscopic shape-shifting Occupy movement?

WHERE DOES THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT FIT into feminism? Sarah Seltzer from Alternet and Lucinda Marshall from Occupy Patriarchy provide differing national perspectives.

And local activists Dava Juno, Sheila Nicholls, Alex Banks, and Regina Quetzel Quinones, from Occupy L.A. provide an intersectional analysis and OPEN THE PHONES for your questions and comments.

Wednesday night at 7:00pm PST.  This is what feminism sounds like!

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(left: Indigenous People’s Committee; center: Occupy Patriarchy; right: OWS protestor)

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