September 7 on FM: domestic workers rights, “Hoarding” & “Smart Girls”

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Celina Alvarez:

Unfair labor practices inside our own homes? Aquilina Soriano, Executive Director of the Pilipino Workers Center reminds us what’s at stake and brings news of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Coalition’s victories in Sacramento and what still needs to be done to protect this work force made up primarily of women of color and/or immigrants.

Jessie Sholl shares a “Dirty Secret” and comes clean about her mother’s compulsive hoarding. From a literal mess of a childhood, she’s learned a lot about mental illness, shame, power, boundaries, living in a material world and how women cope. Some form of hoarding behavior may affect as many as 1 in 20 of us. What makes this a particularly feminist issue?

Budding feminists….Portrait Busby (age13), Treasure Burton (age17 ) and Jade Chandler (age 12) tell us how Professional Youth Developer Maerice Simpson helped them start “Smart Girls Magazine” at the Pasadena Boys and Girls Club, and what they’re planning next –and they’ll do a reading.

Wednesday night at 7:00, this is what feminism sounds like!

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(left: Jessie Sholl, center: Smart Girls, right: Aquilina Soriano)


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