Sept 14 on FM: Women & Trees, Women & Jobs, book/movie giveaways!

Hosted by  Lynn Harris Ballen & Monique Meza

Can trees, women and tree people really save the Planet? We hear from best-selling author Jean Shinoda Bolen about her new book: “Like A Tree” – a unique vision based on psychology, mythology, and global gender politics. And hear how critical-mass, grassroots activism can transform consciousness…  and change history.

And we hear from Nikole Cababa of LAANE about the upcoming “Inspiring Activist Women Awards Ceremony” in Long Beach.   Honoring the empowering women there who take courageous steps & lead the way to improve the lives of their families, co-workers, and all residents – a project of the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs & a Healthy Community

And Lisa Merton – director of the documentary joins us to talk about “TAKING ROOT: The Vision of Wangari Maathai”. The dramatic story of this Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, whose simple act of working with rural African women to plant trees grew into the global Greenbelt movement.

AND we’ll be giving away books & DVDs!  A few lucky listeners will get copies of   ‘Like A Tree’ and ‘Taking Root’

That’s all Wed Sept 14th at 7pm.  THIS is what Feminism sounds like!

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(left: Jean Shinoda Bolencenter: Inspiring Activist Women, right: Wangaari Matthai)


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