August 31 on FM: The Moral Underground/ economic subversion

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Lynn Harris Ballen

Are you ready to commit economic civil disobedience? What does it take for you to bend or break the rules –or even the law –to help other people who are more disadvantaged?

Are you a person with some privilege who refuses to be complicit in an economy that puts a decent life beyond the reach of the working poor? Are you paying someone under the table? Employing the undocumented? A nurse treating an uninsured child? A restaurant manager sneaking food to a worker’s family? A teacher transporting a family in your own car? A day care worker who misplaces paperwork so a working mother won’t lose her childcare?

Sociologist Lisa Dodson explores “The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert An Unfair Economy” –and we’ll open the phones at (818) 985-5735 for your questions and “confessions”.

Plus we hear from Tatiana Huezo, director of the documentary The Tiniest Place (El Lugar Más Pequeño) – A story about a people that have learned to live with their sorrow; an annihilated town that re-emerges through the strength and deep love of its inhabitants for the land and the people. A tiny place nestled in the mountains  amidst the humid Salvadorean jungle.

Wednesday night at 7:00. This is what feminism sounds like!

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(left: Moral Underground; right: Lisa Dodson)

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