June 8 on FM: Suppressed histories / Hey, Boo / Mujeres on the Mic

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Alicia Fry:   We hear from artist, writer, and scholar Max Dashu – founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives – about her grassroots discoveries of women’s and indigenous histories passed over by mainstream archaeology and researchers.
Women have been rebels against patriarchy, but have also founded, governed, invented and created.  Girls & women don’t hear about societies that accord power to females in public life – Max Dashu is changing that.

Then, Emmy Award Winning writer-producer Mary McDonagh Murphy joins us to discuss her documentary Hey, Boo: Harper Lee and to Kill a Mockingbird. Authors and artists, as well as fan Oprah Winfrey and Lee’s 99 year old sister tell tales of how the novel came to be written, its impact over 50 years, and the life of this mysterious novelist – who hasn’t given an interview since 1964, and never published again.

And what happens when Mujeres take the Mic? It’s all about hip hop and spoken word artists performing at the upcoming MC’S: Mujeres en Ceremonia event in East LA.  (A benefit for Peace and Dignity Journey 2012)

That’s all on Wednesday June 8th at 7pm. This is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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(left: Sacred Dance & Drum; middle: Novelist Harper Lee; right: MC’s Mjujeres en Ceremonia) 060811

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