June 1 on FM: Slutwalking/ White Privilege/ Tackle Football/ Lesbian in Guyana

Hosted by Ariana Manov & Celina Alvarez:

We’ll talk “Slutwalking” with Meghan Murphy – from The F Word Media Collective – and Katie Landers – an organizer of Slutwalk Los Angeles.  Is the anti-violence, anti-sexist message getting through all the international media sensationalism?

Then, Prof. Michele Dumont introduces a Summer Institute on Unmasking Whiteness – The Meaning of Whiteness; White Privilege & Multiple Identities; How to Resolve Guilt & Shame; Systemic White Supremacy and the Development of an Anti-Racist Practice & Identit

Plus, we’re gonna get down and dirty with Ashleigh Hayes who calls a time out to describe playing tackle football for the Pacific Warriors Women’s Professional Football Organization. Their motto is “Real Warriors Walk The Burning Sands” and they get fierce support for their passionate athleticism from the Polynesian community in Los Angeles. What are they doing and where are they headed?

And actress Anna Khaja brings us the story of a lesbian, Muslim immigrant who must reconcile her faith with her sexuality in Wendy Graf’s newest play No Word In Guyanese for Me. This is what feminism sounds like!

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(left: Slutwalk Los Angeles; middle: Aware LA; right: Ashleigh Hayes)0601114

2 Responses to “June 1 on FM: Slutwalking/ White Privilege/ Tackle Football/ Lesbian in Guyana”

  1. Iamcuriousblue says:

    For those of us who missed the live podcast, will this be archived anywhere?

  2. admin says:

    Hi there – the link is posted here now – just click at LISTEN to hear the show. Or to subscribe to the Podcast – go to bit.ly/FemMagArchive and click on the podcast links!