In Art: Treasures of African Women, Part II

Feminist historian Max Dashu, of the Suppressed Histories Archives, presents a visual representation of Treasures of African Women

Friday, may 20, 2011, at 7:30 pm ~ Temple of Ravenmoon, 5805 E. Rogene Street, Long Beach, CA 90815

This is the greatness they denied, but that you always knew existed. We’ll see the exquisite Yoruba portrait heads of Ilè-Ifé, stone sculptures at Esie, and Benin bronzes. Clay figurines of Zimbabwe, lake Chad, and Uganda. Queenly crowns and female drums, wooden ancestor icons and masks; dancers, weavers, women’s art in clay, calabash, mudcloth, murals, and baskets; harpists from around Africa, izangoma and rainmakers, and female warriors, liberators and liberationists.

Ticket are $10 to $20 on a sliding scale. For more informationvisit website:

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