FM March 23: ‘Strange Stirring’/‘No Excuses’/‘Trio’/‘Fry Bread Queen’

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Susan Kraker:

It’s A Strange Stirring when feminist historian Stephanie Coontz describes where Betty Friedan of The Feminine Mystique got it right –and wrong and what, fifty years later, we can learn from this book that was considered as big a threat to the American family as communism.

“Are women really our own worst enemies?” Feminist icon Gloria Feldt gives us No Excuses and power tools for changing our thinking.

Israela Margalit, acclaimed writer and pianist, and actress Meghan Maureen McDonough give us a tiny bit of music, passion, madness and one woman’s fight for her right to a career

And from the Cherokee, Muskogee Creek and Seminole nations, Carolyn Dunn brings us the story of generations of women colliding in the Fry Bread Queen.

Tune in Wednesday night at 7. This is what feminism sounds like!

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(left: A Strange Stirring; middle: Meghan Maureen McDonough/Trio; right: Carolyn Dunn)

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