Wikipedia Gender Gap

What You Can Do about the Gender Gap on Wikipedia

The New York Times reports that less than 15% of Wikipedia entries are created by women!
What You Can Do : The WWHACKathon — a Women’s Wikipedia Hackathon.

You’ve heard, of course, about “hackathons”, where hackers/ programmers get together and donate time and skill to a particular shared problem? Here’s the Wikipedia entry for Hackathon. Note that this entry was written by men.
Why not do something similar, but make it a Women’s Wikipedia Hackathon– a WWHackathon?

WWHackathons won’t require money, a location, sponsors, or a bake sale. They just require each of us, on our own time, and on our own topics of expertise and interest, to write a Wikipedia entry.
For the Women’s Wikipedia Hackathon:  Each one of us commits to writing one entry. When we complete an entry, we tweet it to our followers using the tag #WikiWhack. At the very least, it can be your own bio. Or your own area of expertise.

What will you commit to? Add your entry here, on IfWeRanTheWorld

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