Event:Young Feminists Speak Out-Los Angeles

Thursday, January 20 · 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: Livity Outernational / 2401 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
Myra Duran – Campus Organizer, Feminist Majority Foundation http://www.feministcampus.org/
Tani Ikeda – Co-Director, ImMEDIATE Justice http://immediatejusticeproductions.org/
Jollene Levid – Secretary General, Af3irm http://af3irm.org/
Morgane Richardson – Founder, Refuse The Silence: Women of Color Speak Out http://www.refusethesilence.com/
Brianne ‘Brie’ Widaman – Founder, Revolution of Real Women http://www.revolutionofrealwomen.com/
Moderator(s): Miranda Petersen, Young Feminist Organizer
Melanie Klein, Feminist Fatale + Professor @SMC http://www.feministfatale.com/

In November, ‘More Magazine’ released a piece on Young Feminists today (read here: http://bit.ly/eNWhsq). The article was followed by a significant amount of press that allowed important conversations on womanhood to spread across the country.  A group of young feminists in Los Angeles recognized the importance of keeping the conversation going and have organized a panel/mixer on Young Feminism in Los Angeles.


We will start the evening off at 6:30 with some eclectic music by the Sun Warshippers and then head into a panel discussion + Q&A with Young Feminists from the LA area.

Stay till 10pm to mingle with feminists, listen to a some cool beats, and meet new people!

Special Thanks To:
Livity Outernational for donating the space http://www.livity.org/
Ms. Magazine for sponsoring the event and helping to promote it http://msmagazine.com/blog
MixtapeMedia for helping with promotion and all things social media http://www.mixtapemedia.org/
The Sun Warshippers for performing and DJing
Myra Duran, Feminist Majority Foundation Campus Organizer
Miranda Petersen, Feminist Majority Foundation
Morgane Richardson (http://www.morganerichardson.com/ and http://www.refusethesilence.com/)

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