Sept 8 on FM: Honoring Haitian Feminists & the Play ‘Faking It’

Hosted by Susan Kraker and Melissa Chiprin

We will have a conversation with Miriam Peniche and Gabriela Lopez de Dennis about their new play Faking It, about One woman’s journey through loss, self discovery, and the search for authenticity.

But, first Dr. Carolle Charles of DWA FANM – a community-based organization working to end violence, discrimination and other injustices against women and girls in NYC and Haiti. Dr. Charles is a professor at Baruch College. We will honor Dr. Charlles dear friends Myriam Merlet, Magalie Marcellin, and Anne Marie Coriolan, three feminist leaders who died in the earthquake of January 2010 in Haiti. These three extraordinary women, mothers, friends and colleagues, made possible a vision of another Haiti more just and equal, more self-sustainable and more sovereign. Dr. Charles also pays “homage” to at least three other remarkable women that also perished with the earthquake. Mireille Neptune Anglade, a feminist scholar whose 1974 essay “L’Autre Moitie du Développement” or “How Haitian Women Enrich Men” constitutes one of the few attempts to structurally analyze gender inequality in Haiti; Myrna Narcisse, the Director General of the Ministry on Women Conditions and Women Rights; and Nicole Gregoire, one of the few female professionals at the Ministry of Foreign Relations with an expertise on Haitian-Dominican Relations. We will also look at the infra humane conditions in Haiti and the work that is being done for a sustainable future for Haiti.

And we hear Susan Kraker’s latest installment in her commentary series The Happily Married Feminist.

(left: Faking It; middle: DWA FANM; right: Dr. Carolle Charles)

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