Sept 29 on FM: WOC Reproductive Justice & ‘tiny town’

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Susan Kraker with Celina Alvarez

loretta_singleWe’re calling for “doing collectively what we cannot do individually”. Loretta June Ross, a co-founder and the National Coordinator of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective takes us deeper into an exploration of reproductive justice and just what it’s gonna take to achieve it given the current backlash political climate.

orlaflashcover-copy1And……What must a girl do growing up in the 60’s in a tiny desert Texas town of no more than 100 people? How did young girls learn to navigate through life? We’ll find out when Patti Beckham, author of The Orla Flash tells us what shaped her into the multi-faceted single mother and published author she’s grown to be –while still maintaining her “innocence”. So hold on to your saddle and take a ride as Patti relives her upbringing and book writing about Orla, Texas ….now a ghost!
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