Sept 15 on FM: Hip Hop Gender Stereotypes, Pole-Climbing & ButchVoices.LA

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Susan Kraker with Jennifer DeClue

Featuring three inspiringly defiant women: the provocative Dr. Dianne Bartlow “Defying Gender Stereotypes and Racial Norms: Naming African-American Women’s Realities in Hip Hop and Neo-Soul Music”; Bridgett Gonzalez, President of the first all women class of utility linemen bringing new definition to women “climbing poles” and “working smarter, not harder”; and veteran LGBTQ activist Jeanne Cordova reclaiming “Butch Identities” at the upcoming Butchvoicesla Losangeles Conference.

(left: women utility “linemen”; middle: Dr. Dianne Bartlow; right: Butchvoicesla Losangeles Conference)

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