In Seminars: Write to Change the World

Sunday, September 12

All Day Seminar: Write to Change the World

At Ms. Magazine offices in West LA


The OpEd Project

We bet you’ve noticed how the Op-Ed voices we hear from in mainstream media are mostly white, mostly privileged and overwhelmingly (85%) male… well the OpEd Project – who we featured on Feminist Magazine in July – is all about changing the world one opinion at a time by training women to make bold, fair, persuasive arguments in the public sphere.

Coming up this Sunday Sept 12th, The Op-Ed Project is offering an all day seminar:  Write to Change the Worldat the Ms. Magazine Offices in West L.A.

 A seminar that will challenge you to think more carefully and more expansively about your knowledge and experience, and why it matters — and why op-eds are the front door to thought leadership and high impact.

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