Aug 11 on FM: The Grassroots Artist & Punk Rock’s ‘Frontier’ Woman

Hosted by Christene Kings and Melissa Chiprin

Dialogue with- Kristy Lovich, artist, poet, and cultural worker –about her upcoming Scholarship Fundraiser & Solo Show– her work attempts to name the complexities, tensions, and contradictions of the intersections of identity, privilege, oppression, places of origin, and historical situations -contributing to the collective and truthful understanding of history, power, and the need for sustainable social change. Be part of the process August 21 at Studio Cuarenta Y Tres.

Check out these video sneak-peeks!  Video oneVideo two

Later, joining us is Lisa Fancher, creator, owner and operator of Frontier Records, among the first to tap into the Los Angeles punk scene. Frontier Records which marks it’s 30 anniversary, introduced the world to Suicidal Tendencies, The Adolescents, The Circle Jerks, TSOL, the Weirdos and more.

Through exploring Lisa Francher’s journey in the music industry-we will examine what it takes to make it, thrive, and survive, as well as the responsibilities and, influence, of a woman in a male dominated industry particularly during the 80’s LA/OC punk scene-which might be argued had a sexist veil over it’s image of an artistic liberation from an oppressive culture.

(left: Kristy Lovich; middle: Lisa Fancher; right; Frontier Records)081110

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