July 14 on FM: Disrupting and Exposing Dis-information Art & Music

Hosted by Christene Kings and Melissa Chiprin

Christene and Melissa will peel back the layers of Dis-information at Peel Here political sticker and paste up forum’s Brace Your Self with Rosanna Esparza Ahrens aka/ZanlovesEast LA, Diana Gamboa, and Erendira Bernal, Operations Manager at Self Help Graphics & Art, who is creating public performance interventions advocating a concept of “Slowcialization.”

And Cat, from the band Aparato, talks about women in rock plus we feature Aparato’s haunting song “Kriminal” –voices of the courageous journey across arbitrarily imposed borders. Aparato on Myspace

(left: Peel Here Adhesive Art Exhibition; right: Aparato)071410

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