March 24 on FM: ‘Manifesta’, ‘Domination Is Abomination’ & 40 Days of Prayer for Juarez

Hosted by Josy Catoggio and Melissa Chiprin

We will have a conversation with Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards about their tenth anniversary edition of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future. Manifesta articulated the concerns of Third-Wave Feminists when it was published 10 years ago. Authors Jennnifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards spoke for and to many young women who felt alienated from their mother’s feminism, yet wanted to make a difference and claim the movement as their own. We will explore the decade since Manifesta was published, the world has changed in ways both promising and disheartening for the feminist movement.

During this Women’s Herstory Month, Josy will be interviewing Dr. Cat, feminist psychologist, about her upcoming book, Domination is Abomination: Man’s Oppression of Woman, which offers a comprehensive summary of feminist theory of the past centuries in such fields as psychology, sociology, and philosophy.

And, joining us is Josefina Lopez best known for the success of Real Women Have Curves, as well as more than eighty productions of her plays throughout the United States. Lopez is a poet, performer, designer, and lecturer of Women’s Studies, Chicano theater and film. She is also the founder of Casa 0101 Theater Art Space in Boyle Heights, where she teaches screenwriting and playwriting, and nurtures a new generation of Latino artists. Josefina Lopez will bring to life 40 days of prayer and dedication for the women and residents of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico as well as the difficulties accompanying getting a movie made about Juarez, a film called Backyard.

(left: Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future; middle: Domination is Abomination: Man’s Oppression of Woman; right: Josefina Lopez)032410

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