Dec 9 on FM: Afghan Women at Risk, Rock Critics & Top 10 Female Artists of ‘09

Hosted by Christene Kings and Melissa Chiprin

Joining us is rock critic Nikki Darling and music writer Solvej Schou. Listen in and explore with us the history of feminist rock critics, female music writers and how their words influence rock n roll and music journalism. We will be discussing what it means to write about rock ‘n’ roll with a feminist edge and the identity politics that follow the “F” word. And, you won’t want to miss their Top Ten Female Artists/ Bands of 2009.

(Nikki Darling is listening to “Marked” by Gowns).

But, first the day before President Obama receives his Nobel Peace Prize, International Human Rights Day, we will take a look at the escalation of the Imperialist war in Afghanistan and it’s grave violations of human rights with Co-Director of The Afghan Women’s Mission and Co-Author of Bleeding Afghanistan, Sonali Kolhatkar.

(left: Nikki Darling; middle: Solvej Schou; right: The Afghan Women’s Mission)

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