Dec 23 on FM: Women after Combat, Afghani Women & ‘Women who Kill’

Hosted by Josy Catoggio and Melissa Chiprin

We will have a conversation with filmmaker Amanda Spain who has focused her energies into social issue documentaries. Her latest project was producing the documentary series In Their Boots, a series dedicated to showing how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan affect us here at home. Tonight, we will be discussing Season two’s, “Outside The Wire,” in which three women service members return from Iraq and Afghanistan to find they face a new battle—a battle to treat their wartime injuries.

Also, joining the conversation is one of the service members in the film, Kayla Williams a former sergeant and Arabic linguist in a Military Intelligence company of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). During her deployment to Iraq, Williams was at the forefront of troops’ interaction with Iraqis while also navigating the challenges of being part of the 15% of the Army that is female. Williams elaborates on the growing needs of women veterans: Is the VA ready?

But, first, joining us is Ann Jones, journalist, photographer, author, traveler, and a leading authority on women and violence. Jones spent much of the last four years in Afghanistan, working as a volunteer human rights researcher, teacher, and women’s advocate, we will discuss some of her recent pieces, including “Remember The Women?” which appeared in the November 9 edition of The Nation, and “Meet the Afghan Army: Is It a Figment of Washington’s Imagination?” posted in the Huffington Post, and

We also will take a look at the 10th Anniversary edition of Women Who Kill. With a new introduction, Ann Jones brings the issues of the book up to date.

(left: Amanda Spain; middle: Kayla Williams; right: Ann Jones)122309

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