Support Urgency Legislation for Domestic Violence Services

This Action Alert has expired.


On July 28, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed all state funding for Domestic Violence programs – as a result, several shelters will be forced to close their doors; many will have to cut back on services. Senator Leland Yee. Ph.D. has written two bills to restore this life-saving funding, but they need the support of the Speaker of the Assembly, Karen Bass, before they can move forward for a vote.

The first bill will restore the $16.3 million in funding approved by the conference committee that the Governor has vetoed. The second bill will temporarily allow more flexibility in how federal funding from California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) is allocated and used. The cuts in services that some programs have been forced to make mean they no longer qualify for CalEMA federal funding for domestic violence – a domino effect that is making the Governor’s shortsighted budget cuts even more damaging.

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