Aug 12 on FM: ‘Girl’s Guide to Rocking’, Casita Del Pueblo Art Gallery & Juarez Femicides

Hosted by Christene Kings and Melissa Chiprin

Meet an obsessive music lover who’s spent her life playing, performing, publicizing, and writing about rock ‘n’ roll, Jessica Hopper.  Hopper’s,  A Girl’s Guide to Rocking is a hip, inspirational guide for rad girls who want to make their rock dreams come true. It includes tips on how to choose the right instrument for you, where to shop for instruments and where to avoid, how to get your band together and keep it together.  From greats like Patti Smith and Joan Jett to legends-in-the-making like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, girls want to rock. They want to start bands, write songs, get up on stage, and kick out the jams. Here’s the book to teach them how.

Later, we will have a conversation with Yolanda Garcia of Casita Del Pueblo art gallery discussing her commitment to bring art, culture, and education to the surrounding communities of Whittier by making local and international folk art in it’s many forms more accessible. As well as this month’s exhibit Celebration of Music in the Times” through art- opening night is August 8 and runs through September 7.

And, Victoria Delgadillio discusses a day of art activism -16 years later, Femicides in Ciudad Juarez–which took place on August 8 at Self Help Graphics, as well as the upcoming 40 days of prayer at Casa 0101, and a national touring protest exhibit “Rostros y Crónicas / Women of Juarez” opening October 16, 2009 at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.  16 years later, we are still working to bring justice to the women of Juarez.

(left: A Girl’s Guide to Rocking; middle: Juarez crosses; right: Casita Del Pueblo exhibit “Celebration of Music in the Times”)


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