Aug 26 on FM: Women’s ‘Rashi’s Daughters’ & ‘Making It Legal’

Hosted by Josy Catoggio and Melissa Chiprin

We will celebrate Women’s Equality Day with Radical Women L.A’s Yuisa Gimeno. President of the L.A. chapter Gimeno will be dialoguing about their upcoming film screening, Rebel Hearts: The Grimke Sisters, a documentary about these militant abolitionists, whose multi-slavery platform is relevant today hosted by Beatriz Paez, Chicana queer feminist and immigrant rights advocate-who also will be joining us –and, we will explore-how we can build a multi-racial movement to protect and expand gains for working women and people of color.

Later, Maggie Anton author of 3 novels part of a series each entitled Rashi’s Daughters – transports readers to the world of eleventh-century France where Jewish Scholar Rashi secretly imparts his passion of the Talmud to his three daughters.

And, Emily Doskow, co-author of Making it Legal: A Guide to Same-Sex Marriage, Domestic Partnerships & Civil Union, discusses this comprehensive review of all the issues that influence the decision to marry, as well as breaks down the complex and ever-changing rules of same-sex relationship laws.

(left: Radical Women LA; middle: Rashi’s Daughters; right: Making it Legal)082609

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