July 29 on FM: LGBT Comic Kate Clinton & ‘Woman in the Zoot Suit’

Hosted by Josy Cattoggio and Lynn Harris Ballen with Jojo Blondal

We’ll be talking to LGBT comic icon Kate Clinton about her latest book – I Told You So – a politically astute survival guide that Rachel Maddow describes as ‘coffee-out-your-nose’ funny. And we’ll meet Catherine Ramirez, author of The Woman in The Zoot Suit, joined in discussion by Raquel Guttierez of Butchlalis de Panochtitlan. Hear all about this remarkable study of the politics of cultural nationalism that examines the hidden history of la pachuca and the participation of Mexican American women in the zoot subculture of the 1940s.

(left: Kate Clinton; middle: The Woman in The Zoot Suit; right: Catherine Ramirez)

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