July 22 on FM: ‘Oaziz’, Sirah & Leonard Peltier’s Parole Hearing

Hosted by Melissa Chiprin and Christene Kings

Joining us is Artist, Designer, Illustrator, Poet, and Curator Susana Timoi De Leon – We will be discussing her latest project a solo show called Oaziz; The Killer Calo Series” at Casita Del Pueblo, as well as, Room 13 Los Angeles Foshay a self sustainable art studio at a public school.

Later, we will dialogue with Sirah, Hip Hop / A’cappella / Indie artist, and, if you don’t know you soon will – Sirah is indefinable. You can hear Sirah at her SMILE YOU HAVE TEETH, record release party, at the Knitting Factory, July 31, 9:00 PM. Follow Sirah on Twitter.

But, first women have always been a constant and important part of the struggle for Indigenous rights, but all too often the vital roles which they have played and continue to play is ignored and underestimated. Tonight we will dialogue with one of the many women who are fighting for the freedom of Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier-Billie K. Fidlin Chair – Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, Fargo, ND; and Member.

Leonard Peltier’s first full parole hearing was held in 1993, at which time his case was continued for a 15-year reconsideration. Mr. Peltier has recently applied for and been granted a parole hearing. The hearing is scheduled for July 28, 2009. All supporters are encouraged to step up their efforts in support of parole for Leonard Peltier.

(left: “Oaziz: The Killer Calo Series; middle: Sirah; right: Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee)

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  1. great show! Once again keeping us informed and in tune with issues affecting us!

    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anahuac Women Fight