In Art: Solo Exhibition Graffiti Artist TIMOI

July 11- August 5, 2009

Casita’s Art Gallery (Whittier)
6738 Greenleaf Avenue


The exhibit features works from everyone’s favorite Timoi series, The killer Calo Series. The series is composed of female characters that come from the planet Oaziz (a realm of heaven) with main character Calo, who is an eight year old girl with the wisdom of an elder. Calo and her friend characters come to life in every Timoi life experience. It’s a story composed through time that most young women can relate to today and one to become a classic not just for Latin women but for strong women everywhere.

“Oaziz” The Killer Calo Series was created in 2004 and became a favorite instantly. The work featured in this exhibit will be solid and mixed media incorporated with the series comic style, Timoi’s fine art, and graffiti style. The evening will consist of artist reception, music, wine, hors d’oeuvres, and music with DJ Lisa J; From avid record collector, to mobile DJ, Lisa J started her hip-hop career after being discovered at a local L.A. record store. She became a live mix show deejay for AM Radio 1580 KDAY, the only station of its kind playing rap music in the late 80’s. Lisa J was honored to hold the exclusive crown of the only female in the now famed KDAY Mixmaster Crew, DJ Lisa J is a legend and a well known and respected DJ of today.

Timoi is a multimedia Central American artist and entrepreneur who has been creating art since the age of 8 and whose influence growing up in Los Angeles was graffiti art, Low Ryder Magazine art, and later influenced by Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Gustav Klimt as well as some of her peers. Timoi’s fussing of colors, culture, and attention to detail make her artwork abstract, surreal, and almost transmutational, and since she has combined her styles within The Killer Calo Series, it’s truly very beautiful, enlightening, bold, and somehow dark at the same time. Calo, which is a Spanish slang word that Timoi has used growing up (which is in past tense, an action taken that has impact or a penetrating effect on someone’s heart) is a character very much alive, and it’s for this reason that we believe that so many have fallen in love with her as she seems to exist in many of us who do not conform to daily routine and challenge boundaries as women, women of color, and as human beings or alien to some.

“Oaziz” The Killer Calo Series is a story of character Calo and friends composed through time that we believe you will absolutely love if you don’t already. So join us for this evening full of color and strong female characters. Limited Edition Prints, Girl T-shirts, plus collaborations with Hazelshakti Jewelry, Switchera, and De La Luna Designs will be available to our guests.
The exhibit is open to the public, all ages, and free. For more on Timoi visit


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