Press Conference Highlighting the Work of NOW

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June 18, 2009

National Jewish Women’s Council LA (Los Angeles)
543 N. Fairfax

Press Release from Hollywood NOW:

Press Conference
Contact Yvonne Golub 866 251-5167 x3024

2 P.M. Thursday June 18, 2009
National Jewish Women’s Council LA
543 N. Fairfax, LA, CA 90036

Presidents of the local 5 Southern California NOW chapters Press Conference

Lindsey Horvath, President, Hollywood NOW
Yvonne Golub, President, Long Beach & South Bay NOW
Shelly Mandell, President, LA NOW
Zoe Nicholson, President, Pacific Shore NOW
Melinda Tremaglio, President, Palm Springs NOW

We have asked the press here to day to spotlight the work of NOW, in particular the extraordinary work here in Southern California by these five chapters. While 2009 began with the election of a democratic president and congress, events are demonstrating the need to stand strong for the rights of women and girls.
The work of NOW has never been more relevant or more needed across the nation.

NOW’s Top Six Priority Issues:

1. stopping violence against women; Lindsey Horvath
2. promoting diversity & ending racism; Yvonne Golub
3. advancing reproductive freedom; Shelly Mandell
4. winning lesbian rights; Melinda Tremaglio
5. achieving constitutional equality; Zoe Nicholson
6. ensuring economic justice. Melinda Tremaglio

Presidents of the local five Southern California NOW chapters hold press conference to:

Honor NOW chapters work in the streets, the campuses, the courts on behalf of women and girls.

Address current events and the NOW response: Judge Sotomayor, Letterman, Iranian elections, Obama on DOMA, Tiller, Von Brunn, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Fair Pay, and your questions.

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