Apr 22 on FM: Denim Day, May Day Migrants’ Rights & Silva Harotonian’s Incarceration

Hosted by Abelina Galustian and Melissa Chiprin

Joining us is Leslie Lina Sigala Rape Prevention Education Coordinator at Peace Over Violence – an agency committed to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence – we will be discussing annual Denim Day. On this day we unite against the sexual assault of girls, women, boys and men. Standing in support of survivors, as well as breaking the silence to end sexual violence. This year it is Wednesday April 22, 2009. As well as highlighting some of the issues surrounding sexual violence in our communities.

Lucia Laguna and Yohana Hinojosa of The Comite De Mujeres Patrica Marin (CMPM) a project Union del Barrio will be dialoguing with us about the upcoming – Southern CA Immigration Coalition’s (SCIC) May Day Mega March. The only march pushing for these three demands: 1. STOP the ICE RAIDS NOW! 2. FULL LEGALIZATION for all NOW! And 3. No to any Bracero/Guest worker program. And, we will take a closer look at the Dream Act 09.

But first, Feminist Magazine will hold a crucial interview with Klara Muradkhan who has desperately pleaded with authorities for the release of Silva Harotonian’s wrongful imprisonment in Iran. Ms. Harotonian was working for American Charity’s Women’s Healthcare Program when she was arrested and charged with participating in efforts to overthrow the Iranian government. Ms. Muradkhan will share with us shocking details about the unjust incarceration of her cousin Silva.

(left: CMPM; middle: Denim Day; right: Free Silva)


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