Mar 25 on FM: Photograph 51, LGBT Task Force & Homelessness Update

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen and Celina Alvarez with Jojo Blondal

This week we will be talking to playwright Anna Ziegler, and actress Aria Alpert about the Rosalind Franklinplay “Photograph 51” – based on the true story of scientist Rosalind Franklin and the discovery of DNA. This compelling drama about scientific intrigue and competition (and women in science) answers the question, “Who really discovered the secret of life?”

Darlene Nipper

And we’ll hear from National Gay & LesbianTask Force staffer – Darlene Nipper – with her update on President Obama’s recent executive order creating a White House Council on Women and Girls.

Celina Alvarez will be bringing us her monthly feminist focus on Homelessness, and
Jojo Blöndal also joins us to guest host on the news.

Find out how all these women are working to make creative change happen!

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