In Art: GenderPlay in lesbian culture

March 14, 2009 – May 23, 2009

ONE Archives Gallery & Museum (West Hollywood)
626 N. Robertson Blvd. (gallery entrance on El Tovar)

From LEX & the ONE Archives on FaceBook:

L.A.’s first-ever Exhibit that explores gender and its boundaries and the changing nature of lesbian identity!


……Discover cross-dressers and tobacco-chewers of the American Civil War and the Wild West, stone butches, high femmes, and kiki’s of the 1950s through the Lesbian Feminist 1970s to queers, bois, and trans people of today.

See how ‘passing’ gave opportunity and language to women’s sexuality – from two-spirit to genderqueer today.

GenderPlay challenges labels, asks us to re-think stereotypes, and looks at how lesbians define ourselves & what turns us on. All re-mixed with vintage photos, archival docs, film clips, and historic first person accounts.

Exhibit runs Mar 14 – May 23. Open Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 1-5pm

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