Apr 14 on FM: DTLA Youth Center, RevolutionGirlStyle, Jane Hamsher & Healthcare

Hosted by Melissa Chiprin and Christene Kings

Associate Director & Co-founder, Vanessa Acuna, of the new Downtown Los Angeles Youth & Culture Center which provides cultural, environmental, and social justice education based on character building, cultural exchange, and community involvement. Vanessa will bring us up to date on the work of Youth advocates, local residents, and community stakeholders who are fighting to keep the doors open.

And, did Riot Grrrl every really go away? Maybe it just evolved. Joining us are editors Kate Wadkins and Stacy Konkiel of The International Girl Gang Underground Zine to answer these questions. Wadkins and Konkiel will be discussing their zine project which aims to document and dissect how Riot Grrrl’s legacy has manifested twenty years later, as well as providing guidance for those who want to transform “revolution girl style now!” into “REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE FOREVER!”

But, first, joining us is Jane Hamsher founder of Firedoglake.com, as well as a motion picture producer, of such films as Natural Born Killers, Apt PupilPermanent Midnight, and From Hell. Her political writing and analysis has appeared in the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect. She is author of the best-selling book, Killer Instinct. Hamsher is one of the leading voices covering the health care reform bill- and will provide us with the truth about the health care bill and what it means to you.

(left: Downtown Los Angeles Youth & Culture Center; middle: The International Girl Gang Underground Zine; right: Jane Hamsher)

3 Responses to “Apr 14 on FM: DTLA Youth Center, RevolutionGirlStyle, Jane Hamsher & Healthcare”

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  2. Looking forward to tonight’s show!

  3. THANK YOU MUCH for inviting me to speak on your show…Luckily, Sarah Shealy, the Director of the Accelerated BSN Program at Mount St Mary’s College, was listening to the show… She would like to brainstorm to find solutions facing our youth. As she stated, “I am curious about possibilities to blend educational experiences for my students with the needs of young women in the community.”

    I am looking forward to developing an educational program for homeless teen girls and young women.

    Thank you again to Melissa and KPFK for providing a platform that helps bring awareness to issues that more than often are quickly forgotten in mainstream media.