May 13 on FM: The Guerrilla Queenz & Rebeldia Alegria

Hosted by Melissa Chiprin and Christene Kings

We will dialogue with The Guerrilla Queenz – who are out to infiltrate hip hop & reggae with Revolutionary But Gangsta lyrics that seek to elevate and motivate the gente by bringing awareness to all types of community issues. The Guerrilla Queenz are Sistahs Centzi & Eyerie alongside Dj Papalotl of South Central LA; they stand in COME-Unity with their words as their weapons and sound as their power, power for the people. (Also on myspace).

And, on Sunday May 3, Rebeldia Alegria a grassroots collective held an event for families and friends to come together in celebration of children. Different artists, activists, educators, parents, community members, and such created a festival that allowed for a communal space for all to gather, to provide children with artistic and cultural programming that seeks to inspire and nurture their creativity, and to teach and raise consciousness on hard to address issues relevant to our communities like racism, sexism, immigration, the economy, police brutality, and war. We will have a critical discussion with members from Rebeldia Alegria about the event, and what’s next.

(left: The Guerrilla Queenz; middle & right: Rebeldia Alegria)

2 Responses to “May 13 on FM: The Guerrilla Queenz & Rebeldia Alegria”

  1. raymundo duque says:

    I will like to get in contact with guerrila i just heard them on kpfk pacifica radio…
    i want to organize a social concious event and will like to colaborate with them…

    thank you,
    raymundo duque

  2. Sista Eyerie says:

    Give thx for ur support & def get in touch w/us

    Paz amor y rEvolucion!