Mar 3 on FM: Antidote for Compassion Fatigue, Xicana/Latina LiveArtShow, ‘Broads’

Hosted by Ariana Manov and Celina Alvarez with support from Jojo Blondal

“Are you compassion fatigued? Burned out? Think you can’t stand one more litany of injustices?” Well, hold on! Across the world, women are “acting locally” to overcome poverty, war, domestic violence, sex trafficking, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, discrimination and inequality. These women may lack material resources but they possess a wealth of imagination.

Pioneering photo/journalist Paola Gianturco takes us on a 15 country journey, in honor of upcoming International Women’s Day, describing fierce women and stories you’ve never heard – Women Who Light the Dark.

And then, it’s an on-air LiveArt Show with the Mujeres de Maiz when co-founder Felicia Montes and filmmaker/photographer Maritza Alvarez join poet/dancer/singer/songwriter Happy Frejo from the Pawnee/Seminole nations in studio for a real celebration.

And on an almost completely frivolous note, playwright Jennie Fahn introduces us to four ladies of “a certain age” in Broads –a new musical. (More info at El Portal Theatre)

(left: Paola Gianturco; middle: Mujeres de Maiz;  right: Broads)

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