FM Oct 31: A Woman’s Place/ #MeToo / Hexing Trump

THIS WEEK on Feminist Magazine with host Lynn Harris Ballen :: FIRST – Five radical women of color – Angela Davis, Ericka Huggins, Yuri Kochiyama, Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez and Jewel Thais-Williams are the stars of A Woman’s Place… – an exhibition currently on view at the William Grant Stills Arts Center in Los Angeles.  Ande Richards talks to Arts Center Director and curator, Amitis Motevalli about this exhibit that brings together the life, work, stories, and archives of these five women – who’ve dedicated their lives to radical social change and grassroots education.
AND … the #MeToo movement of survivors speaking out about their experiences of sexual harassment and assault has gone global and has become an online consciousness raising campaign. Now activists are talking about how to turn this from a ‘moment’ into a reignited movement – to end assault and rape culture. We hear from the original founder of the campaign, Tarana Burke – talking to Amy Goodman, along with activists Soraya Chemaly and Alicia Garza – in this clip from Democracy Now.
THEN … Amanda Yates Garcia is an artist, writer, witch, healer and the Oracle of Los Angeles. She recently appeared on Fox News to discuss witches and their monthly binding spell on Trump, a rite intended to stop the president from taking harmful actions. She joins us live in studio to talk about how rituals create a sense of solidarity and empowerment,  and how this Samhain/Halloween season is a time to renew our commitment to taking action against injustice and patriarchy.
ALL this on Feminist Magazine this Tuesday at 2. THIS is what Feminism sounds like!

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