FM May 24: Emma’s Revolution / Blk Grrrl Bookfair / Sex Positivity

5-24-collageThis week on the show, with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Karina Elias : Activist musician duo Emma’s Revolution sing music that makes a difference. Singer songwriters Pat Humphries & Sandy O. have been bringing their uprising of truth, hope (and a dash of healthy irreverence) to concerts … and peace & justice, labor, human rights, environmental, LGBT and women’s rights events … around the world. They join us live to tell us about their latest LA show – a benefit concert for Climate Action Santa Monica.
THEN … The Blk Grrrl Bookfair is a radical feminist book fair that actively beats down anti-blackness, colorism, patriarchy, classism, nationalism, ablelism and oppression in the literary and art worlds. And it’s a chill gathering of all kinds of creatives folks with Books, Zines, Publishers + Films + Vendors + Food + Workshops + Panels + Art + Poetry & Performance – reflecting all kinds of LA communities. BGBF is about freedom through cooperation – the cooperation of sharing resources, connections and information to make it happen. And it’s the dreamchild of poet/troublemaker Teka Lark and artist/artivist Skira Martinez of Cielo Galleries, who’ll be joining us live in-studio.
PLUS … We’re experimenting with the fun side of sex ed! Karina speaks with Sexual Health and Wellness Educator Jocelyn Silva, from A Touch of Romance, about the importance of sex positivity and their upcoming June 5th workshop, Sexy Fun.
All this on Feminist Magazine on Tuesday at 3. THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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