FM July 7: #Mansplaining / South African queer film / ‘For Fork’s Sake’


THIS WEEK ON FEMINIST MAGAZINE with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Karina Elias : What happens when you tweet a snapshot of a campus statue and hashtag it #Mansplaining? Well Cathy de la Cruz did just that, with a photo taken by her friend Ash Hernandez, and it took over the internet.  We hear all about the media fallout from Cathy and Ash, plus talk to them about how it started conversations about gender, art, feminism, public space, body language, humor, and more.
THEN … we hear about AF3IRM South Bay’s upcoming Summer School of Women’s Activism!
AND … Outfest – the LGBT film festival – starts this week right here in LA. We’re talking across the world with South African queer filmmaker Catherine Stewart, director of “While You Weren’t Looking“*
PLUS … we’re talking food and feminism with Dawn Alden, cofounder of the show ‘For Fork’s Sake. Listen in as we discuss women, food and body politics. For Fork’s Sake is a fun live-stream show that deals with some complex feminist topics.
All this on Feminist Magazine on Tuesday at 3.  THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

*Bonus PLAYLIST: South African music from the film “While You Weren’t Looking”

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