FM Dec 30: 2014 Favorites – ‘Feminist Enough?’/Ruby Castellanos/Stop Telling Women…

Hosted by Rita Gonzales :  This year-end program brings you three of our favorite interviews from 2014!
“Are you “Feminist Enough?” Who sez? When Shannon Washington invited women of color to speak their truths about feminism, she set off a controversy that went viral. Host Cherise Charleswell talked to Shannon about it all – the blog and video series that challenges popular & mainstream views of what feminism is and what a feminist should look like, and how the site features women delivering their own personal manifestos.
THEN… as part of our series of local women connecting their music to their community work, host Abeni Moreno interviewed singer-songwriter Ruby Castellanos. All about her work at the Family Resource Center in Santa Ana, and her new album “Todo Sana” / Everything Heals.
AND … host Valecia Phillips went out on the streets of LA with illustrator/painter/muralist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, taking on street harrassment with her traveling art series, Stop Telling Women To Smile”. All about the impact of her work and how it’s enabling women to reclaim their power in public spaces.
All this on Tuesday at 3. THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!

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