FM Nov 25: 16 Days/ YoSoy132 /#Ferguson

COMING UP this week with hosts Lynn Harris Ballen & Felicia Montes : Sexism, Micro Aggressions, Femicide and how our culture perpetuates misogyny and patriarchy in systemic and specific instances of violence against women.
We’re talking about how women and allies, nationally and internationally, are speaking up and out with the upcoming 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence from Nov. 25-December 10th. We hear all about it from our guest, filmmaker and activist, Kimberly Nuvem Bautista.
… THEN, we talk with Xalli Mejia organizer with YoSoy132– a Mexican student group organizing transnationally for justice in Mexico and abroad. Xalli gives us insight to the murder of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, recent actions in Los Angeles and their current project focused on educating local Spanish Language communities about the 16 days of Activism against Gender Violence and the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.
… AND, after Monday night’s grand jury announcement of no indictment of police officer Darren Wilson – for the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson MO – communities across the country are protesting. We hear analysis from Los Angeles activist & journalist Thandi Chimurenga about why the killing of youth of color is a women’s issue. And an on-the-street report from former Green Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente at the Emergency Call to Action march at Crenshaw & MLK Blvd in Los Angeles.

ALL THIS and more on Tuesday at 3. THIS is what Feminism Sounds Like!


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