July 15 on FM: Know Your IX, Fighting FGM, Martha from Quetzal

Hosted by Lynn Harris Ballen & Felicia Montes & Abeni Moreno : If we want Colleges to protect their students from Sexual Assault, then we need to take action to Give Title IX Teeth. Colleges across the country are coming under increased scrutiny and facing discrimination complaints for violations of Title IX. But a new campaign is calling on Congress to provide the Dept. of Education’s Office for Civil Rights with a the authority to levy fines against schools in violation of Title IX.
We hear from Dana Bolger & Wagatwe Wanjuki – members of Know Your IX an organization empowering students to stop sexual violence. It’s an education-based campaign to arm survivor-activists and allies with information to help them advocate for themselves, file complaints and transform their schools. Aimed at creating a campus movement that includes info about legal guidance and building support networks, plus advice on confronting racism, homophobia and media misrepresentation.
Plus… “FGM is not something that is happening in a far away place. It is happening here to American girls.” Jaha Dukureh, a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM), is leading a campaign to take action on this brutal practice happening right here. She says ‘In Washington, they don’t want to talk about vaginas’, but she joins us to talk about her Change.org online campaign that took her to the nation’s capital to talk to lawmakers about bring an end to FGM in the US.
And … we’re joined by Martha Gonzalez of  East LA Chican@ rock group Quetzal – a band rooted in the complex cultural currents of life in the barrio, social activism, with a strong feminist stance.  We’ll hear all about her role in the band and her experiences as a feminista mother, professor and musician. Plus songs from their new album ‘Quetzanimales‘.
All this on Tuesday at 3pm. THIS is What Feminism Sounds Like!



MUSIC ON TODAY’S SHOW: Sonah Jobarteh/Musow plus Martha Gonzalez /QuetzalDreamers/Schemers and tracks from their new album Quetzanimales

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